All of our plugins come with sourcecode.


Every plugin is extensible and customisable to fit your needs.


Simplicity and swiftness of usage are the main priority in all of our plugins.

Plugin Showcase

FoxOS – SwiftSearch

SwiftSearch allows you to simply search for a Unity Feature and quickly select it using only your keyboard.


Nothing complicated about pressing Spacebar to open.


Need a custom feature? Simply add it.


Modify the colours, make it look like you want it.


Full source code included.

UI Radial Gradient

Made with Amplify Shader Editor

Gradients are a nice way to give a little life to your UI. However if you have to keep using Photoshop to export new files, it may become tedious.
With this asset, you can easily create radial gradients for your UI elements, select positions, colour and size and benefit from dithered gradients (no banding problems)
If you own Amplify Shader Editor, you can look at the shader source and modify it.

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File Hopper

If you need to drag and drop files into a running Application, here is your solution.
Only for Windows
» This asset uses UnityWindowsFileDrag-Drop under MIT License; see Third-Party Notices.txt file in package for details
» This is a modified version of Mark Göbel’s (Bunny83) “UnityWindowsFileDrag-Drop” Project on Github.
You can find the original here:
UnityWindowsFileDrag-Drop on GitHub
» I have added Unity specific convenience methods and events that you can subscribe to.

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NEW – IMScript

Quickly write short code snippets, or IMScripts, which allow you to execute repetitive editor tasks with a simple click.

If you like the script you have, or reuse it often, you may even save it for later, or share it with your colleagues and friends. Simply load an IMScript file to load up all your code snippets and start using them.
*Note: This is not a full scripting environment, and does not offer code-completion (hoping to find a solution for this in the future). Under certain circumstances this may not work as expected and will refuse to compile

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